RoadFree at WILD10 World Wilderness Congress in Salamanca

October 02 2013

On October 6th and 7th, RoadFree will be present at the 10th World Wilderness Congress in Salamanca to celebrate and debate on the world's wildernesses

October 6, 2013 17:00-18:00  

Protected Areas — A Necessity for Our Future

Session Chair:  Kriton Arsenis; Greece (Member of the European Parliament, RoadFree Initiative)

Vivek Menon (Executive Director, Wildlife Trust of India)
Bill Laurance (Distinguished Research Professor & Australian Laureate; Prince Bernhard Chair in International Nature Conservation, James Cook University, Australia)
What Makes Protected Areas Effective in Conserving Biodiversity?:  Stephen Woodley (Canada Co-Chair, WCPA-SSC Joint Task Force on Biodiversity and Protected Areas, IUCN)
John Robinson (Vice President, Wildlife Conservation Society; Vice President, IUCN)
The Politics of Ensuring the Survival of Wildlands:  Concluding Comments by David Johns (Co-Founder & Board Member; The Wildlands Network; Adjunct Professor, Portland State University, USA)


October 7,2013 9.00 17:45

Earth Forests Roundtable

A brainstorming session to identify strategic actions that can be undertaken during 2014-15 to place primary forest protection at the forefront of conservation priorities.