Symposium on the Impacts of roads and infrastructure on ecosystems, a crisis for global biodiversity

December 12 2013

December 16: RoadFree Initiative joins top experts on road-building impacts during this one day symposium in Utrecht (The Netherlands). Library Utrecht University, Boothzaal, Heidelberglaan 3.


Chair: William Laurance

9.00‐9.30           Registration

9.30‐9.35           Opening and welcome


9.35‐10.15         Tropical roads: Impacts and mitigation strategies

     William Laurance, James Cook University and Utrecht University (Prince Bernhard Chair for International Nature Conservation)

10.15‐10.45       Impacts of dams and WWF strategies to minimize impact

                Bart Geenen, WWF Netherlands Freshwater expert


10.45‐11.15       Break


11.15‐11.45       Social impacts of infrastructure development

     Joris van de Sandt, IKV Pax Christi, chair of the Netherlands Centre for Indigenous Peoples

11.45‐12.15       Economic aspects of infrastructure development and IIRSA in Latin America

     Pitou van Dijck, CEDLA


12.15‐12.30       Wrap up

12.30‐13.30       Lunch

13.30‐14.00       Modeling road networks in the Amazon

     Sadia Ahmed, Microsoft Research, Cambridge, UK

14.00‐14.30       Impact and issues around small scale gold mining in the Guianas

     Mark Wright, Conservation Director WWF Guianas

14.30‐15.00       Break

15.00‐15.30       Protecting road free areas globally, a cost efficient policy option to protect biodiversity and the climate

     Hon. Kriton Arsenis, Member of the EU Parliament, Greece


15.30‐18.00       Workshop